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1. Real Estate Advisors

We have the market knowledge and seek to provide clients match the other side of the real estate market bringing together buyers and sellers at the best price possible for each. We provide professional financial advice and manage investment decisions. Our highly trained team weighs the pros and cons as far as real estate investment is concerned.  

Working with Buyers

On the other side of the transaction, we work with both investors, potential investors, and people wanting to buy or rent a property be it lands, house, apartments by providing advice and services to help them to find a property that fits their needs, assuring and making sure of clients security and completing the steps of the transaction, such as:

  • Helping our buyers locate all properties in their desired area in their price range and meeting their criteria
  • Coordinating and helping our buyers to visit and view properties.
  • When a decision is made to attempt a purchase, helping our buyers craft their initial offer and purchase agreement
  • Working with buyers on their behalf in negotiations with the seller and making sure our buyers are satisfied.
  • Once a purchase contract is executed, coordinating the transaction process on the buyer side
  • Delivering and explaining documents in the transaction process when necessary and making sure our buyers are protected and comfortable
  • Coordinating inspections, reports, and repair negotiations
  • Assisting buyers through to closing and taking possession

2. Property Management

Are you looking for professionals to manage your investment property? Our team of experts is just a call away to help you reduce risks, increase returns, and cut down on time commitment to your properties. We set out to prioritize your best interest when making decisions for your house or apartment to maximize your rental yield, to be able to enjoy higher cash inflows

3. Building Consultancy  

Are you busy?  Are you a citizen living outside Ghana? Do you need reliable expertise to manage your building projects?

  1. RyWard Properties has a strong skilled team to advise, manage and protect your interest during your building projects.
  2. Our qualified surveyors, engineers, and contractors are ready to reward your satisfaction from start to finish.
  3.  Our professionals provide both general and specific tasks to ensure a desirable outcome for the management of building projects.
  4.  Our services start from Pre-planning staged before a building is constructed, the scope of these services extends to into acquisition of lands, Architectural designing, construction management, furnishing, sales, and rental.  

Why RyWard Builders?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to keeping all aspects of your property operating smoothly such as meeting all your current and future needs to ensure you stay on track for a successful investment

  • Hiring RyWard Builders guarantees building advice from well-equipped real estate advisors, can save you many unforeseen challenges and expenses the down road, litigation issues, and having your building project abandoned.
  • RyWard builders assure and insure quality building materials, neat finishing, best in renovation and expansion.
  • RyWard builders help you to plan lifecycle costs of building, keep up with routine maintenance and help you handle any unexpected events that may happen along the way.
  • RyWard builders represent you from Start-to-finish; looking out for your interest, monitoring, and making sure there are no or limited unforeseen expenses.